The Dudes of Hazzard: Joe Barnes Bites 2016 – Lucky Mascot

Die Dudes sind zurück! Und damit auch der schottische Schelm Joe Barnes, der in der zweiten Ausgabe seiner „Joe Barnes Bites 2016“ Serie eine abgelaufene Milch abfeiert, Anlieger smasht und den 10. Platz bei der EWS in La Thuile holt.

Nachdem vor kurzen erst die neue Webseries von Joe Barnes von den Dudes of Hazzard Premiere feierte, kommt nun schon der zweite Teil raus! Und auch „Lucky Mascot“ überzeugt wiedermal mit erstklassigem Musikgeschmack und feinstem Bikepark-Geballer, gesüßt mit britischem Humor, nehmen wir mal an.

The Dudes of Hazzard – Joe Barnes Bites 2016, Part 2 “Lucky Mascot”

„After a good spell at home in Fort William it was time to leave for pastures new and truck for the Alps. It’s become a summer pilgrimage for as long as I can remember and a week of bike park laps is essential before tackling a race in the big mountains, fine tuning the bike set up and getting the arms used to the abuse the alps delivers. This time Verbier got the seal of approval for a week of riding before heading to the EWS in La Thuille. I travelled out with my mechanic Craig in my camper wagon „The Landship III“ . Its a luxury wagon and a step up on the previous Landships that were converted Transit vans. This beauty is basically an apartment on wheels and a home from home for most of the year. Making full use of the Ducato chassis, this cuboid becomes rammed with all the essential kit and spares for what the summer will bring. Craig deals with the tools and spares and I make sure there is enough 2 stroke for the scooter. Together we have got it covered.“


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