Andreu Lacondeguy – 841

Endlich! Da isser, der neue Edit von Andreu Lacondeguy! Der Mann mag zwar von kleiner Körpergröße sein, doch sein Skilllevel ist riesengroß.

Nachdem wir euch bereits mit dem Teaser heiß gemacht hatten, kommt hier nun der ganze Film in voller Länge!

Andreu Lacondeguy – 841

„Since he first broke onto the MTB scene, rider and BUFF® ambassador Andreu Lacondeguy has racked up a number of outstanding achievements with his incredible stunts at various international competitions including the Vienna Air King, Crankworx Whistler and Red Bull Rampage.

But…what does someone who is passionate about MTB do when he’s not competing or traveling the world? BUFF® and the Catalan freerider have joined forces to made this video to show how a passion for MTB and all forms of Dirt Jumping (BMX and 26), Downhill and FMX, ensures that Andreu enjoys this sport…whenever he’s at home!
The title of the video, “Andreu Lacondeguy 841” refers to the telephone prefix of Llinars del Vallès (Barcelona), the town where Andreu was born and now lives. Andreu continues to test his limits at home, challenging himself again and again; constant risk is the key to his success.“

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