Madison Saracen Factory Team – Saisonvorbereitung in Portugal

Falls du dich gefragt hast, wie sich das Madison Saracen Factory Team um Manon Carpenter, Marc Beaumont und Matt Simmonds auf den UCI World Cup 2016 vorbereitet, erfährst du es in diesem Edit.

Manon Carpenter, Marc Beaumont und Matt Simmonds bilden das Madison Saracen Factory Race Team 2016. Um sich auch im Winter effektiv auf die kommende Saison vorbereiten zu können sind sie zum Trainieren nach Portugal gegangen. Dieser aufwendig produzierte Edit gibt einen interessanten Einblick in den Trainingsalltag eines Wolrd-Cup-Teams.

Madison Saracen Factory Team

„In 2011 we created the Madison Saracen Factory Race Team to develop British talent to perform at the highest level on a British bike – three years later we never dreamed we would have won the world cup and world championship!

Manon Carpenter’s journey embodies what our team stands for. Manon was one of the first riders to sign with Madison Saracen in 2011 and in her first year won the junior world championships.

Three years later, she would take an incredible double, winning the 2014 world cup overall and the world championships, while the team would claim second in the world cup standings.

In 2015 the team finished third in the world cup on the latest carbon Myst and for 2016 we’ll be back at the biggest races, aiming for our best results yet, while hoping to inspire the next generation of British downhill talent.“

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